Welcome to my website

Not to give you any wrong hopes - This website has a selfish purpose:

To promote myself and the great city of Istanbul.


Since 1997 I live in this pulsating metropole and it hasn´t been the frist time.


I proceed and update this site very slowly...let´s just say I am too busy to put more effort in this site ;)

Still I will add a few videos in the gallery section to give an general impression of what I do and why my family has a history of 140 years Family in Istanbul.


I hope you enjoy some details!

Thank you!


Since almost a year, my fiancee and I are trying to set up a voluntary Portal for all the lovely people that are helping in many different ways an amazingly high number of street animals.

Soon we will launch a "social crowd funding" campaign. Would be great if you support us.


We called it 'Kırık Kuyruk' which in fact means "broken tails".

Please check it out, if you want to help street animals: